i believe in creating teachable moments. 
taking a moment to press pause and exposing the what and why's. what is the purpose of this moment and why is it IMPORTANT.

There are two things I am so passionate about- creating tangible moments and teaching. As someone who graduated with my degree in Art Education and has taught art and photography to middle and high school students I absolutely love educating. I love people's process, the light bulb moments, sharing in their successes, and the time I am given to speak about things I am so passionate about. I believe in creating a safe place for all my attendees to ask and create.


adventure & romance

to be announced 

next workshop dates:

A workshop dedicated to critiquing portfolios specifically for wedding and boudoir photographers, curating your body of work to attract the clientele you want, and  chatting about how I approach posing to get the most authentic emotions from my clients. These intimate workshops have a maximum of five attendees and will include a catered lunch.

the intimate workshop