I fold clothes (sometimes) and binge watch Netflix in Richmond, Virginia. I like my husband, Jared, a lot. We are privately mushy and complete goofballs in public. We fell in love over whiskey, cigars, Marvel movies, and dogs. We also made a really cute baby recently. His name is Oakley Eastwood (I will give you one guess as to who you think is Jared's favorite actor) and I maybe slightly obsessed with him, I hope you like baby photos mixed in with all the wedding images you see! Before Oakley though I was a dog and cat mom. Polly was my first college foster fail, then came Athena who turned out not to be a German Sheppard at all, and finally Arya, the kitten I made Jared help me catch on the side of our house ... I was only suppose to be fostering her too - oops! Why the lyrics below? It is our first dance song from our wedding and sums up how I feel about my little family, my heart beats out of my chest.

How do you do it, got me losing every breath
Why did you kiss me to make my heart beat out my chest?
-Sam smith

I'm determined. I am so determined I only applied to one college, much to my parent's horror, but I even wrote in my application "I will continue to re-apply till you accept me." Don't ask me how much I sweat that one out till I receive my letter of acceptance- whew. But I am determined to make sure you have an amazing wedding experience!

I love art. So much so I majored in Art Education and double minored in a bunch of other art stuff. Feel free to ask me about my collection of antique film cameras and obsession with developing and printing my own photographs, my inner photo nerd will emerge. I love art so much so I want to deliver you pieces you are so excited to share and display!

hello there, i'm katie

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Oakley Eastwood is the heartbeat that lives outside of my chest. His smiles will melt you into a puddle. His cuddles with make you feel the single most important person in the world. And, in keeping up with the dogs, his farts will clear a room. 

becoming a mommy

I base all of my traveling off of food then the view. Give me authentic mom and pop places, especially if they have awesome tacos or seafood! Who wants to eat somewhere they can go to when at home?!

travel & food

My fur babies. Polly is my Pitt-Dalmatian mix and the oldest of the fur babies, Athena is our crazy-wild Whipit/German Sheppard/Fox Hound-ish baby, Then came Arya, our littlest fur baby with a large feline personality.

fur babies

Film. I am obsessed with collecting old film cameras. and have them lining the shelves in my office. I love pulling out a film camera, hearing the click of the shutter, and the advancement of a roll. It makes my heart flutter. One day I will have my own dark room so I can go back to developing my own black and white prints again.


The best way to relax is with a glass of wine, preferably red, and cigar. My dad use to pour me my own tiny glass of wine at dinner as a child and let me have a puff of his cigars. Nostalgia kicks in when I get a whiff of that sweet scent. And if I am not drinking a red wine you will find me sipping on a Jack and Coke.  

wine & cigars


adventure & romance


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adventure & romance